8 Breaths per minute - Deep Abdominal Breathing Practice

1) Download the mp3 file & save it in your iPod/mobile/mp3 player
2) Use ear phones during practice
3) Practice lying flat on your bed or blanket on the floor with eyes closed(No pillows for your head)
4) Head and body must be straight. One hand on your tummy and other hand resting on the floor next to the body. Do not cross your legs and allow it flop by the sides in  a relaxed pose.
5) One Beat for complete Inhalation and the next beat for complete Exhalation
6) Practice for 10 min(2 sessions of 5 minutes each - audio runs exactly for 5 min. Play it twice) - Both morning & night before dinner


UFO Meditation Technique - Tamil(Regional Language) Version - Based on Law of Attraction


UFO Meditation Technique - English Version - Based on Law of Attraction

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